These are the Handbag Trends For Fall

There are so many bag trends taking over the runways this fall, that it’s becoming hard to keep track. From faux fur and feathers to mini and double handbags, there are a ton of different ways to complete your fall outfits and these are some of the best trends we’ve noticed so far.  

Croc-Effect Bags

Handbags with a croc-effect are the latest trend that’s taking over runways all over the world. These bags are sophisticated, yet versatile and they can complete almost any fall outfit you choose.

Micro Bags

For women who like to carry only the most important things with them, these micro bags are perfect and so adorable. To be honest, they’re barely big enough to fit your phone, but as long as they’re this cute, we don’t really care.


From small ones to supersized, chain straps are having their moment again and they’re more popular than ever.

Oversized Tote Bags

The complete opposite of the mini-bag trend is these huge tote bags that look absolutely amazing! If you’re one of those women who always lack space in a bag, this model is perfect for fall.