5 Great DIY Fall Projects With Leaves

Fall is the perfect time to spend some time in your home and get creative. You’ll be amazed at how many great things you can create using only items that Mother Nature has gifted us. When we think about fall we picture all the amazing leaves, so we came up with five amazing DIY projects to try this season.

Leaf Lanterns

These charming lanterns are the perfect way to decorate your home and create a cozy atmosphere this fall.

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I saw these leaf lanterns on a few Instagram accounts and decided to make them with the children using the leaves we picked up at the woods the other day. I didn’t have balloons so I made a cylinder shaped one like @onthecovehomeschool.It was so much fun and a perfect autumn craft. It’s also leaf weak in #exploringnaturewithchildren so it should tie in nicely with our nature study on Friday. . . Talking about Instagram accounts, the homeschooling community here is very strong, supportive, and terrifically inspiring. Homeschooling can get really lonely and having to explain the choices you make for your children on a regular basis is exhausting. But over here is different. Seeing pictures and videos of homeschooled children gathered in schoolrooms and around dining tables is so comforting and familiar. . . I’ve saved the steps to make this lantern in my highlights in case you want to make it too. . . سوينا فانوس من أوراق الشجر و أشياء متوفرة في البيت (حفظت الخطوات في الهايلايت leaf lantern). . . كان نشاط جدًا مفيد و أظننا بنستخدم الفانوس طول الخريف و الشتاء إن شاء الله. . . عودوا أبناءكم صنع اليد. مافي أجمل من الاستمتاع بشيء انت سويتيه بيدك. . . #exploringnaturewithchildren #enwcleavesweek #autumncrafts #craftingwithleaves #leaflantern #muslimmum #muslimhomeschool

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Leaf Candle Holders

Use old and forgotten jars to create adorable candle holders – all you have to do is add fall leaves to them.


Leaves Garland

This is an easy and cheap DIY project – you only need to collect leaves, add a lot of glitter, and create a decorative garland for your room.

Decoupaged Pumpkins

Fall is all about leaves and pumpkins, so why not use both these items to create art. Apply leaves to pumpkins using decoupage technique and you’ll have an adorable centerpiece for your table.


Leaf Art

With a bit of imagination and creativity, you can use pressed leaves to create beautiful artwork. Frame your creations and hang them on the wall so everyone can admire them.