These Are Our 2 Favorite Toners

The second most important part of wearing make-up is properly taking it off. Over the course of the day, makeup can build up on your face causing it to be greasy and oily. Over time, it can wreak havoc on your skin, clogging pores and encouraging blackheads. With the proper skincare routine, unwanted blemishes can be zapped away before they start appearing.

One of the best ways to clean your face is to follow a specific routine for your skin. Picking out the right toner is imperative to reap results. Here are our two favorite toners – it’s up to you to decide which one you would like to try.

Witch Hazel

Witch hazel toner is perfect for oily skin and can even soak all the dirt off your face in one swipe. Thayers Witch Hazel toner is one of the best brands out there for your skin and it can even shrink your pores right away. Can you say hocus pocus? That’s a magical toner.

Oil-Free Toner

Pixi’s Glow Tonic toner is a great exfoliating toner that can gently firm up and tighten your pores. It’s great for dry skin and can even scrape off all your dead skin cells to reveal glowing skin underneath. If your skin type is dry then this is the perfect toner for you.

The Verdict?

Choose whichever is best for your skin type. If your skin is more on the dry side, go for an oil-free toner. If your skin is more on the oily side, then go for a toner that can tighten and firm up your skin. It all boils down to which suits your skin better.