There are Plenty of Uses for Old Shoelaces, So Don’t Toss Them

There always comes a time in a pair of shoes’ life when one or both of the shoelaces aren’t quite cutting it, and you need to replace them. However, before you toss them, think about all the possible things that can be done with simple shoelaces! By re-purposing old shoelaces, you will not only be saving waste, but you’ll have some fun projects to work on as well.


There are so many different types of lanyards and bracelets you can make with all sorts of styles. All you have to do is use the shoelaces as you would regular string or lanyard material, and you have a fun project that you can enjoy!

Hair Accessories

For these DIY projects, it’s probably best if you wash the shoelaces prior to using them, since they are going into your hair. Once you’ve done that, you can start using your shoelaces as a cute headband!

You can also tie it into a bow and hot glue it to make a cute hair bow. If you want to make it cuter and larger, use multiple different shoelaces of a different color to add volume! It’s perfect for kids, costumes, or just to make you feel peppier.

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