Check Out Amazing Art on the Streets of Valencia

Valencia is one of the most beautiful cities in Spain, but there’s so much more you can do here apart from checking out the Old Town, visiting the City of the Arts and Sciences, and eating paella. This city also happens to be home to some of Europe’s greatest street art.

If you pay close attention, the streets of Valencia will transform into a free gallery before your very eyes because you can find street art on every turn. They are the city’s best, but the least-mentioned attraction that’s hiding in plain sight.

You don’t have to wander around Valencia with purpose to spot something amazing because it’s overflowing with street art. There’s still one street, in particular, you definitely shouldn’t miss. El Carmen is located on the northern end of Valencia’s Old Town, and it’s one of the most charming neighborhoods in the entire city.

Local and international artists adorn its crumbling walls with colorful graffiti and vibrant murals. You may be lucky enough to stumble upon graffiti artists painting the walls in broad daylight and creating a new masterpiece that will become an essential part of El Carmen and Valencia at large.