The Urban Decay Wired Collection is the Stuff 80s Dreams Are Made Of

After weeks of anticipation, the Urban Decay Wired collection has finally dropped. At a glance, it’s brighter and bolder than any collection we’ve seen from the makeup giants so far. Imagine Ryan Murphy’s Glow crossed over with Dirty Dancing and then add a little more color.

The collection includes a ten-pan palette that may as well be the one palette you use this season. It features electric blues and greens mixed with velvety purple and the hottest pink. It also doesn’t smudge.

“Go electric with the Wired Pressed Pigment Palette, a 10-pan lineup of velvety-smooth pigments that deliver insane color payoff,” the official description reads. “Experiment with these hyperpigmented shades or dip into Glitch, a pure white hue, to transform bright shades into ultra-modern pastels.”

The range also includes electric eyeliners and eye pencils. For the more daring, there’s also an amazing choice of glossy lip tints. Most of these are currently out of stock, but you can expect the new shades soon. They are 100% vegan-friendly too.

You can shop the Wired collection here.