The Trendiest Furniture for 2019

It’s unrealistic to expect you can completely renovate your home every season, but what you can do is refresh it with a trendy piece or two. Here are the biggest trends for 2019 when it comes to furniture design.


Color is one of the most important properties of every piece you want to bring into your home. You need to make sure that it will match, but not in a boring, dated way. The latest trends include bright colors such as lemon, coral, royal blue, and all shades of green.

Don’t be afraid to combine multiple bright colors in one room.

Design Styles

In 2019, you can feel absolutely free to mix all the design styles you like until you get the perfect combination for your taste. Elements of rustic, Scandinavian, retro, and modern design can work great together if you have an eye for combining them.

This means that you can repurpose the things you already have and give them new life with a few carefully selected new pieces.