The Best Party Bacon Cheese Dip Ever

Dips are always the centerpiece at a party. Since everyone loves cheese and bacon, we decided to bring you the best dip recipe ever. Take a look at how you can make the delicious bacon cheese dip below.


You can already guess by the name, you’ll need bacon and cheese. Get 4 slices of bacon, 1 cup mayonnaise, 8 oz shredded Swiss cheese, 1 8 oz package cream cheese, 4 buttery round crackers, and 2 green onions. Before you start making the bacon cheese dip, you have to chop the onions and crush the crackers.


This is a very basic recipe that everyone can prepare. You don’t need special skills, only half an hour of your time. Start by slicing the bacon. Then cook it on medium-high heat until it turns brown. Get a bowl and put in the mayonnaise and cream cheese. Mix the two ingredients until you get a nice texture. Include the cream cheese, onions, and bacon at the end. Put the dip in a microwave and leave it in for 2 minutes. Mix it one you take it out, and cook it for 3 more minutes. Add the crushed crackers on top. Add extra crackers on the side so that everyone can dip into it! Voila!