The Best Tips for Handling an Extra Drink This Holiday Season

Photo by Maike Klip on Unsplash

There are so many opportunities to drink a bit too much during December. From an office Christmas party to your friend’s dinner party, you probably don’t want to miss out on the good times but also don’t want to feel the rough consequences the next day. Here are the best tips that will help you handle drinking better than ever.

Always Eat Before Going Out

If you know you’ll be drinking, don’t skip dinner! Carb-loaded dinner such as pasta or pizza will help you stay sober longer.

Avoid Sweet Drinks

Cocktails, punches, and mulled wine will have you drunk before you know it and you can completely write off being productive the next day.

Drink Water

Have a glass of water with every drink so you don’t dehydrate. You can avoid hangover and headache simply by drinking enough water.


The morning after, eat something savory. Among the good choices are the soup, fruit, pickles, etc.