The Four Most Beautiful Places in America You’ve Never Been To

We all dream of traveling the world, and seeing the most amazing, famous, and legendary landmarks of history across the globe. But sometimes, it’s the lesser-known destinations that will really leave a lasting impression on you. And some of the greatest hidden treasures are right here in our own America.

Burney Falls

First up we have Burney Falls, in McArthur-Burney Falls Memorial State Park, California. It might not be as famous as the world-renowned Niagara Falls, but it’s certainly as beautiful. President Theodore Roosevelt once called it the “eighth wonder of the world.”


Next up is Asheville, a truly unspoiled and beautiful landscape across the Blue Ridge Mountains. Asheville remains largely untouched and you will feel like the only person in the world as you gaze across the stunning vistas.

Apostle Islands

Then we have the Apostle Islands in Wisconsin. Just look at that incredible sight! It looks like something out of a science fiction movie! But actually, this is its surrounding lake, Lake Superior, frozen over in the winter.

La Push

And finally, we have La Push, Washington. Though it gained a bit of notoriety as one of the settings of Twilight, it’s still a largely untouched tourist destination, meaning its beauty is still mostly undamaged. Go quickly, before it’s too late!