The First Tip For Learning a New Instrument

Photo by Andrija Radojevic on Unsplash

If you’re thinking about learning a new instrument, you have a long and exciting road ahead of you. The best way you’re going to thrive is with the right mindset, but the question is, what is it? Should you be like one of those diligent students who practice music seven hours a day? Should you take it slow? Here’s the first tip you need to know about learning a new instrument.

Focus on Enjoying It

When you’re first starting out, it doesn’t matter how long you play. It doesn’t matter if you play five minutes every day or five hours every day. What matters is that you’re enjoying it. The more you enjoy doing it, the more you’ll keep coming back for more.

Developing a Bond With Music

Approach your instrument as if you would approach any relationship. You’re developing a bond with your instrument—and not just your instrument, but music as a whole. You may find yourself falling in love with it, and therefore you just want to be doing it all the time. If so, then great! Enjoy the ride. Or perhaps you’re still trying to feel things out slowly. That’s just as fine too. Focus on loving the process, and you can’t go wrong!