The Best Halloween Nail Art Ideas

In recent years we have seen amazing trends in the field of nail art, with major events throughout the year acting as anchor points for nail artists and beauty buffs. Halloween is a great opportunity to play with colors, textures, and shapes that you would probably not choose for another occasion.

In the past few weeks, Instagram has been flooded with photos of beauty enthusiasts taking pride in their beautiful nail art made in the holiday spirit. Here are some of our favorites.

Dark Colors

Among other things, you can see the return of extra-long nails, in dark colors like black, gray, and deep purple.


In addition, we see a recurring trend of nail decoration by sticking colorful stickers in the holiday spirit, with typical images such as pumpkins, skeletons, stars, ghosts, bats, and candy.


Some people dare to take the trend one step further and choose nails that are shaped like cat ears or covered with a furry and velvety layer that gives the look of the nails a special and textural look.

Among these trends, we see a comeback of different nail art methods such as acrylic, silk powder, or a regular classic manicure all staring in the coming season.