The Best Exercise Tech Money Can Buy

Working and exercising from home is now the norm for most of us. There are some great pieces of exercise technology that turn your home into your own private gym or spin class. They might seem pricey, but they are worth it if you want to get into shape and enjoy doing it. 


The Peloton bike and a monthly web-based exercise subscription are perfect for anyone who misses spin class. While it’s hard to attend traditional spin classes, the Peloton is the perfect substitute. All you need to do is put on your spinning shoes, select the class you want, and start pedaling. The online instructors are very good at pumping you up and creating a fun atmosphere. Start pedaling!


This is one of the newest exercise technologies out there. MIRROR looks like a normal full-length mirror that can be hung on the wall, or on a frame. But what’s super cool is that all fitness classes are being screened on the mirror, and your own body is monitored to ensure you have the proper form.

MIRROR comes with an associated exercise app. You can select ballet, boxing, yoga classes, and a bunch of other ones. You can also opt for a personal trainer, who watches your performance remotely via the built-in camera. They then provide feedback after your workout.


Tonal is similar in shape to MIRROR, but has the added bonus of built-in ergonomic exercise equipment. In addition, TONAL has its own web-based class subscription for an additional cost. The exercise classes will show you which pieces of equipment to pull out, and the different weight levels to use.