Creative Floral Décor Ideas from Primark Home’s Instagram

We all tend to ditch floral décor once the summer is over, but Primark Home is making us rethink this trend. Their Instagram page is filled with amazing ideas to decorate your home with faux flowers this fall, and we’re bringing you some of our absolute favorites.

Flower Ladder

Primark designers merely used a ladder to display their faux flower collection, but we’re seriously in love with this idea and the rustic vibe it could bring into our homes.

Floral Wreath

You could also consider adding some flowers to your Christmas wreath this year or simply decorating one of the rooms in your home with an adorable floral wreath.

Floral Glass Bell

There’s something instantly romantic about glass bells, and you can use them to cover all sorts of things, but putting flowers underneath will make them even more romantic.

Floral Bedding

If faux flowers simply aren’t your thing, Primark Home still has a couple of items that could fit your needs. Their floral beddings scream luxury and it will bring a breath of fresh air into your bedroom.