The Best DIY Face Cleanser That Will Restore Your Skin

Image by kerdkanno on Pixabay

We finally found a gentle natural DIY face cleanser, and we wanted to share it with you.


For this DIY face cleanser, you should use:
1 oz vegetable glycerin
1 tablespoon honey
distilled water
2 oz castile soap
5 drops lavender essential oil

Always use quality products when making your DIY products, especially when it comes to skin. Try getting raw honey and an organic lavender oil.


To prepare the cleanser, you will need to get a pot, measuring cup, and a bottle where you’ll store it.

Start by filling the pot with hot water. Put the measuring cup in the hot water. Fill it with the glycerin and honey. Mix them together.

Include the lavender oil and castile soap as well. Mix again so that all the ingredients are combined. When you notice that everything is melted you can continue to the next step.

Get the bottle you plan to store the DIY face cleanser in. It should be able to contain 8 ounces. Add the liquid in the bottle, and fill it with distilled water.

You can start using the cleanser right away by getting a pump or two and massage it on your face. Wash it away with water.