Tricks You Should Try To Score a Free Hotel Room

Photo: davidlee770924/Pixabay

If you’re a frequent traveler who’s constantly on the road, cashing out enormous amounts of money on pricey hotel rooms is probably becoming a drag. Here are four methods you should try to secure a free stay.

Referral Credit

Some of the popular reservations websites, including Booking and Airbnb, offer referral credit to every user who recommends their service to a friend – after that friend completes their stay.

Loyalty Programs

Some of the biggest hotel chains in the world, including Hilton and Marriott, are offering a free night to guests who previously booked a series of consecutive nights in one of their hotels.

Online Giveaways

If you’re a big fan of contests and sweepstakes, following your favorite hotels online or signing up for their newsletter is probably a good idea, since you might just end up winning something one day.

Good Feedback

If you’re not staying at a well-established hotel, leaving good feedback is the best way to put them on the map. Frequent travelers should consider running a travel-themed blog or Instagram account, and cooperating with smaller hotels once they collect impressive amount of followers.