Stock Up On These Summer Denim Trends

Jeans are one of those clothing items that carry us from season to season, and some denim trends just work better in the summer. This summer, expect to see everything from long denim shorts to baggy 90s-inspired styles. Here are five trends to get you started.

Long Shorts

Daisy dukes are being replaced with longer denim shorts that are more polished and have tons of styling options.


Skinny jeans aren’t great for the summer—instead, opt for loose-fitting jeans that will keep you feeling cool and breezy.


Lightwash jeans will give you that effortless look you’ve been searching for and they pair so well with white tanks or floral statement tops.


We can all use some ventilation during the warmer months and distressed jeans are the perfect way to wear jeans while still feeling a breeze and looking fashionable.


Inspired by the 80s, pleated jeans are a take on baggy jeans with a touch more style.