Staycations vs. International Travel: What is a Better Option for 2021?

Photo by Andrew Neel on Unsplash

Millions of people around the world put their travel plans on hold in 2020, in the hope they’ll be able to get back to it next year. And while 2021 finally arrived, traveling around the world still doesn’t seem like the best idea.

Is international travel still on the cards or will we have to stick to staycations for another year?


Staycations a.k.a. vacations in your home country became all the rage in 2020, but are they here to stay? With the global pandemic still looming over us, they’re the safest option on the market, and there are many ways to make them interesting.

Even if you explored a huge chunk of your home country in 2020, there’s still a lot left to discover if you want to. You can look for new places, or revisit your all-time favorites with the members of your inner circle in the months to come.

International Travel

The tricky part about international travel is that there are still many travel restrictions in place. There are many countries you can’t visit without having to hassle about testing or quarantine, and they simply aren’t worth the trouble.

Many countries are also pondering the possibility of COVID-19 immunity passports, but it will take a bit of time for the vaccine to become widely available. With all this in mind, traveling abroad may not be the best idea, at least not for the first half of 2021.