Spanish Nail Artist is Taking Mismatched Manicures to a Whole New Level

Mismatched manicures experienced a huge boom this year, and allowed us to embrace several nail art trends at the same time. Many of Instagram’s top nail artists incorporated this trend into their manicures, including Violetta of Yes What Nails.

Violetta is based in Barcelona, and many of her nail art creations look like tiny works of art. She often uses nails as her canvas and draws tiny paintings, but also uses stickers and wraps available at her online store to create them.

Not all of her creations fall under the category of “mismatched nails”, and her approach to this trend is quite unique. Each of the nails in the manicures she creates looks different, yet they form a cohesive whole thanks to the combination of colors Violetta uses along the way.

More often than not, her signature manicures feature colors, patterns, symbols, and designs that somehow bind them together. They’re mismatched, but still make total sense because this nail artists always come up with a way to add at least one tiny detail that transforms them into a full package, and not just a bunch of random nails put together.