Cook Up the Next TikTok Food Craze with These Three Ingredients

Dalgona coffee, cloud bread, pancake cereal, nacho tables, two-ingredient bagels—these are only some of the viral food trends that TikTok gave us this year. All of them have three things in common, and you can use this secret formula to cook up your own TikTok craze.

Aesthetic Feast

TikTok has lower visual standards than Instagram, but it’s still important for a dish to look good to go viral. The main point of these viral recipes isn’t trying a new dish, but participating in a viral craze and being a part of something bigger by sharing your own version.

Basic Ingredients

Foods that can be made with two to five ingredients became a huge hit on TikTok because they’re affordable and easy to make. They feature ingredients that most people already have at home, making it possible to film your own version of the viral video right away.

Quick and Easy

Viral TikTok recipes aren’t geared at pro cooks, but at people who barely set a foot in the kitchen. TikTok basically features thousands of versions of the same video, and a recipe has to be simple to go viral, so everyone else could try making it on their own.