Hermione Chantal’s YouTube Channel is Safe Haven for DIY Lovers

YouTube is an infinite source of DIY inspiration—especially once you find amazing channels that will set your creativity ablaze.

Hermione Chantal started one of those channels and gave us a ton of inspiration for our DIY projects and home makeovers. Chantal says that her YouTube page is all about “DIY, life hacks, and things you need to know to get organized and create your dream space.”

She has an impressive following on Instagram and Pinterest as well, but her YouTube channel is the biggest hit and close to reaching 500,000 subscribers.


Chantal’s channel has been around for years, and she showed us how to clean our rooms quickly, re-decorate everything from our bathrooms to our kitchens, and create amazing DIY projects without breaking the bank.

Chantal’s main goal is to help people craft their best life on a budget and spruce up their space without putting in too much effort and money. If you’ve been bitten by the home organizing bug, her YouTube channel will rock your world and teach you many useful home décor tricks and DIY hacks.