Social Distancing Party Idea: PowerPoint Party

Photo by Wonderlane on Unsplash

PowerPoint parties are the latest social distancing trend. If you live in a place where you still need to practice social distancing and can’t hang out with your friends the way you used to, this is a fun way to hang out online.

What is a PowerPoint party? It’s basically a party where the attendees give presentations on the topics they choose. It absolutely doesn’t have to be boring, even though that’s most people’s first association with its name. You and your friends can prepare presentations on any topic that interests you, and can spice things up with drinking, fun questions, themed costumes, etc.

If you want to give a PowerPoint party a try, first find a group of people who would enjoy something like this. Explain to them what’s going on and discuss the dress code and the general guidelines. It’s best if you do this with a small group of people so that everyone gets a chance to do a short presentation. You can then discuss the topics. And once the pandemic is over, you can keep throwing these parties but do them in person instead of online!