The Simplest Way to Hang a Hammock

A hammock is a perfect place to spend your summer afternoons. You can hang it on a designated stand or between two trees—indoors or outdoors—and enjoy relaxing in it. Here’s how to properly hang a hammock.
  • Make sure that the hammock can support enough weight and some more. A hammock with a 300-pound limit is great for one person while a 600-pound one will support two people.
  • Will it be permanently set up or do you want it there just while it’s hot and plan to remove it after a few months? This will determine the setup method.
  • Pick a spot that’s out of the way so you properly relax in it. Decide if you want your hammock to be in the sun or in the shade before you set it up.
  • Make sure there’s plenty of space if you want to swing so you don’t bump into walls, trees, or other things.
  • A hammock stand is a great way to create a permanent setup that will let you move it around, so you can enjoy the sun on the warm days and get out of the rain along with your hammock when the weather is bad.