Soap Brows are Trending Right Now

You’ve probably heard about wavy eyebrows – that quirky trend on Instagram where women draw waves on their eyebrows. It was both a kawaii look and a unique one, that’s for sure.

But have you heard of soap eyebrows? No, you don’t draw soap bars on your eyebrows – but it does seem like it could happen in the future. This simple and thick eyebrow look is a natural one that gives you a fresh out of the shower eyebrow look. If you’re looking for an eyebrow look that isn’t too intense – then this look is for you.

What is it?

This trending Hollywood makeup trick is currently being used by beauty gurus and makeup enthusiasts everywhere. You’ll need a rubber spoolie and a bar of soap – any soap will do just fine as long as it’s free from harsh ingredients.

How do You do it?

Simply start by brushing your natural eyebrows up and filling them with eyebrow powder. The powder works best for this natural look and it’s best to avoid an eyebrow pencil.

Say goodbye to your eyebrow gel because that’s where the soap comes in. Simply stroke your spoolie on the bar of soap 5-6 times and brush your eyebrows upwards. Observe this look and see how your eyebrows stay up for the entire day. You’ll be looking fierce and natural.