You Have to Try Jelly Masks From Lush

Face masks come in many forms – they can be in clay, which comes in vibrant colors, or in a cream base. Jelly isn’t usually a common ingredient that comes to mind when you think of face masks – but Lush makes it work.

Their wobbly masks aren’t only bouncy to the touch, but they’ll also make your skin soft and bouncy. Their main ingredient, seaweed, is found in most of their products and they contain carrageenan extract which moisturizes the skin. This serves as the base, which is then mixed with various fruits and natural ingredients to give the mask a bouncy texture and to preserve its shelf life.

Their products are free from synthetic preservatives and are cruelty-free – also if you return a couple of their containers back, you’ll get a face mask for free. How awesome is that?

Yummy Ingredients

Their face masks contain a plethora of ingredients that are hydrating and moisturizing for your skin. Some of them contain infusions and even fresh apple juice to rejuvenate tired-looking skin!

Look Your Best

Whether you’re getting ready to go island hopping with your girls or if you’re prepping for a date – make some time to throw a jelly mask on. They last for four months and are great for quick pamper sessions.