Simple, Effective, and Trendy Manicures That Everyone Will Love

Photo: asjabondareva/Instagram

The beauty world gets especially exciting just before the spring starts. After a long winter, we can’t wait to start wearing lighter clothes and bright colors again!

The easiest and one of the most fun ways to bring some color into your life before the spring officially starts is through colorful makeup and nails. Today, we’re introducing an inspiring Instagram profile run by Anastasia Bondareva from Ukraine, who has some gorgeous manicure ideas.

It’s not surprising that the trendiest colors for the spring are bright and pastel tones. Bondareva’s nail art implements the biggest trends while staying original and looking “indie.”

She often draws details in black ink for the spectacular finish. Her manicures look like miniature art pieces!

Check them out below for an inspiration for spring-inspired manicure.