Should You Shower at Night or in the Morning?

When it comes to showering, we all have personal preferences, but is there a right and wrong time to do it? Should you shower in the morning or at night?

While some people prefer to shower before bed and go to sleep fresh and clean, while others enjoy starting their day with a rinse—it wakes them up better than a cup of morning coffee. But what about the unique benefits of each choice?

According to Elizabeth Culnan who specializes in Behavioral Sleep Medicine, nighttime showers have a slight advantage. If you shower around two hours before going to bed your body will warm up just enough to provide you with better sleep.

“Taking a shower as part of a daily, morning routine may also serve as what we call a zeitgeber—basically an external cue that provides information to the brain’s clock that it’s time to start the day,” Culnan told Real Simple.

There are no actual scientific advantages to showering in the morning, though if you prefer it as a wake-up activity, you should absolutely continue doing it.