It’s Time to Get on Tiktok if You Haven’t Already

TikTok is the video-sharing social networking app that’s quickly approaching one billion active users worldwide. If you’re still unsure if you should give in to the trend, just download it and see for yourself what all the fuss is about.

Now may be the perfect time to hop on the TikTok train if you’ve been resisting it so far. Why? This year hasn’t been easy for anyone. The pandemic, the election stress, and many other crises hit us hard so it’s natural to look for new ways to relax and get our minds out of the real world. Scrolling through TikTok may seem pointless at first, but it’s much better for your mental health than doomscrolling. We’re not saying that you need more screen time in your life, but if you’re going to spend time scrolling through your phone, it’s better to make it something relaxing than stressful.

You may have already heard people talking about how TikTok algorithm is amazing in learning your interest. It will quickly catch what you like and what you don’t like so you can expect to see more relevant content in a few days or weeks, and it’s virtually impossible to stop once you get to this point. Whether you’re into viral dances, art or DIY videos, or insightful Gen Z content, TikTok has it all.