Safiya Nygaard Launched Her Lipstick Collection

Popular YouTuber and beauty blogger Safiya Nygaard teamed up with Colourpop to create her own lipstick collection. Her fans went crazy when they heard that the fabulous Safiya Nygaard x Colourpop collection is finally here.

Nygaard is famous for her weird makeup experiments such as melting down 603 lipstick shades to see what the average shade was. Her fans also know that she has a crazy obbsession with lipsticks, so the only logical step for Safiya was to create her own lipstick range.

This exclusive collection includes six different shades that Safiya created over the past couple of years in her experiments.

“I’ve whipped up each of these 6 shades in a variety of bad makeup science and mixing videos over the years and we’ve given them a little batty twist to top them off,” Nygaard said in the official statement.

The six shades include a creamy red, grey-brown, pink-beige nude, burgundy, mauve-berry,​ and matte blue-green colors. The collection is already available at the official Colourpop website and you can get one of these lipsticks at a price of only $8.