These 3D Jelly Cakes Are Too Beautiful To Eat

We know that food is meant to be eaten, but this 3D jelly artist is creating cakes that are so beautiful and surreal, that it’s a shame to eat them!

Once you see Siew Boon’s works of art, you’ll probably think that you’re looking at flowers floating on the water. But this is just how good she is at her job!

Boon took a course in 3D jelly art and started making these cakes as a hobby. She soon started receiving lots of requests and as a result of numerous positive feedbacks, Boon turned this into a profitable job. Now she’s a proud owner of her own business called Jelly Alchemy.

“Every piece is created upside down and can take up to 4 hours to complete. The flowers are made petal by petal using an injection method with special tools. It takes a lot of creativity and patience to create each piece,” wrote Boon on Bored Panda.

Her cakes are not only beautiful, says Boon, but also refreshing and come in many flavors like lychee, coconut, peach, and rose. Scroll down to see these works of art.