Road Tripping This Summer? Here’s How to Do it Safely

Photo by Dino Reichmuth on Unsplash

With summer vacation plans abroad canceled, the next best way to travel this summer is to road trip. Before you pack up your car, there are some things you should know to keep you prepared and safe during the coronavirus. Here are five tips for road-tripping this summer.

Service Your Car

Before you head out on a long journey in your car, you should always have it serviced. It’s even more important now because you probably haven’t been driving it over the past few months.

Bring Extra Supplies

Pack your bags with all the usual goods like snacks, food, and drinks, as well as sanitizing products and face masks.

Avoid Certain Areas

There are some locations you should avoid because there are lots of cases of coronavirus there. If you live in a location that’s highly affected by the pandemic, it may best best to stay home.

Limit Public Places

Although your favorite restaurant or museum might be on your list of things to visit, it’s best to limit your time in public places.

Check Places to Stay With No Contact Services

Before booking a place to stay, check to see what sanitation practices are being done. When possible, try and stay at places that have contactless check-in, payment, and mobile room keys.