5 Summer Date Ideas to Spice Up Your Relationship

Photo by Joanna Nix-Walkup on Unsplash

If you’re tired of Netflix and Chilling or eating a nice home cooked meal for date night, it’s time to try new things, especially now that it’s nice outside. These romantic date ideas will put a spark back in your relationship or light a fire in a new romance.


Go way out of your comfort zone with an adventurous date like skydiving. Overcome your fear of heights together and trust each other enough to take the leap of faith.


Outdoor Exercise Class

Get active with an outdoor exercise class that will make you feel better about yourself while you reconnect with your partner. We suggest poolside yoga or paddle boarding.


Road Trip

Just because there are travel restrictions that won’t allow you to go oversees doesn’t mean you can’t vacation with your other half. Drive to a nearby town, explore a new city, and if possible, rent a hotel room overnight.



Set up a romantic picnic in the park where you can reconnect and enjoy all of your favorite foods. Don’t forget a bottle of wine to set the mood!


Wine Tasting

Speaking of wine, schedule a wine tasting tour to help you unwind and relax. Everything is better when there’s wine!