Fancy Takes on S’mores, the Dessert of Summer

S’mores remind us of summer camp, camping, and barbecues—some of our favorite childhood memories. The rich chocolate, gooey marshmallow, and crunchy graham cracker are a classic, but these recipes take it up a notch. Check them out!

S’more Cookies

Do you have some leftover supplies from your s’mores? Then you have to make this cookie which have a chocolate chip cookie base that’s topped with a marshmallow and some chocolate squares.

S’mores Cocktail

Not all s’more inspired things have to be food—this cocktail uses smoked ice cubes to add a campfire taste and of course the rim of the glass is lined with graham crackers and chocolate.

S’mores Cake

This will feed your whole family and it makes an amazing birthday cake! The best part of the cake is definitely the marshmallow frosting so make sure you are generous when icing your cake.

S’mores Bars

The crust of these bars is made from oatmeal cookies and then it’s topped with a rich layer of chocolate and toasted marshmallow.

Strawberry Banana S’mores

Add some fresh strawberries and bananas to a classic s’mores for an added does of flavor.