How to Clean Nose Piercings So They Heal Beautifully

If you’ve ever thought about getting your nose pierced, you might have been taken aback from horror stories of your friend’s piercings not healing well. Nose piercings are difficult to heal and they often end up getting swollen or becoming red and irritated. What’s worse is when they get infected. If you still want to get a nose piercing, there’s hope—with these tips your piercing will heal beautifully.

How Often Should You Clean It?

Nose piercings take a while to heal (usually between nine months to a year) and you’ll want to clean them with saline spray or mild soap a few times a day on the inside and outside of your nose. That means once in the morning and once before you go to bed, but no more than that as overcleaning can irritate the piercing. When cleaning the piercing, look out for bumps or irritation which may indicate that it’s infected.

When Can You Switch to a Hoop?

Piercers usually pierce with a stud as they’re much easier to clean and hoops don’t heal as well. You’re less likely to get piercing bumps if you keep a stud in while the piercing is healing. Because the piercing in on your face you’ll want to take extra care of it and make sure it’s healed before you change the jewelry. When you’re ready for new jewelry your best option is to ask a professional piercer to help you out.