Retro Workouts are More Popular Than Ever Before

With people having to find ways to workout at home, retro workouts are making a comeback. Even celebrities and influencers have shown their love for these exercises on social media. These retro workouts which include rollerblading, jump rope, and Zumba are great ways to get your cardio in while having fun doing it.


After a TikTok video from actor and dancer Ano Cotor went viral of her roller skating to “Jenny From the Block” we saw just how much fun the nostalgic exercise can be. If you’re looking to switch things up from running, rollerblading is an amazing cardio workout.

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Jump Rope

Another exercise that will bring you back to your elementary gym class, jump rope is one of the best cardio exercises you can do and it happens to be a full-body workout. This exercise requires no equipment besides for a jump rope, which makes it a great way to stay in shape during quarantine.


This Latin-inspired dance workout was created back in the ’90s and it’s usually about an hour-long and you’ll forget you’re exercising. It can be done in the studio or online—allowing you to create your very own dance party!