5 Sleepwear Brands We’ve Fallen For During Isolation

Our self-isolation journey has been through many phases. There were those two weeks where we wore nothing but joggers followed by that period where we got totally dressed up for no reason other than because it felt good. Through it all, a comfortable pair of pajamas has been our staple. Here are the sleepwear brands we’ve counted on to see us through.

Lake Pajamas

Lake Pajamas U.S. is a family brand that makes comfy PJ’s for the whole family. If you prefer trousers over nighties, you’ll find plenty of options in the cozy new spring range.

Pour Les Femmes

Each piece in the Pour Les Femmes catalog is made by women living in conflict regions. When you buy sleepwear from this gorgeous brand, you are supporting women who are working to provide for themselves and their families.

Victoria Secret

Victoria Secret has been our leading lingerie brand for some time but now, we’re in it for their gorgeous sleepwear too.

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La Senza

Similarly, raunchy lingerie brand La Senza has released a range of chic sleepwear as part of its new campaign.


Piglet In Bed

In addition to offering stunning linens and bedding, Piglet In Bed makes the cutest pajamas. PJ’s during the day can look and feel great.