Avoid These Common Succulent Mistakes

Succulents have been having their moment for a while now and word on the street is that they’re easy to take care of. But, that actually isn’t true—succulents require some adjustment. These are the most common mistakes to avoid when caring for succulents and how to make them thrive.

Failing to Give Them Enough Light

Succulents thrive with lots of sunlight and water, which is hard to copy indoor. So make sure you choose the sunniest south-facing window or pick a more forgiving succulent like aloe.


Not Watering Them Enough

These plants are used to growing in the dessert, where when it rains it pours. So make sure when you water your plant, you let it soak until water comes out of the bottom of the pot.


Getting Standard Potting Soil

Succulents, unlike most potted plants, need a desert-dweller mix, which combines half potting soil with something inorganic like perlite.


Overcrowding Them

People usually pack succulents into tiny, cute dishes, but this encourages mold and insect infestations. When overcrowded, they’ll also be competing for water and food which means some of them won’t be getting enough of what they need.

Growing Impractical Types

Some succulents aren’t meant to be grown inside, so stick with ones that can grow on your windowsill. Crassula, Sansevieria, and Mammillaria cacti are good choices for indoor plants.