5 Times Harley Quinn Was Our Style Sister

When it comes to the Joker’s psychotic ex-girlfriend, there’s not a whole lot we can say we have in common. She is is tougher than nails, fiercely relentless, and completely and utterly crazy.

In Birds of Prey, we saw a more relatable side of Harley Quinn as she attempts to reestablish her identity beyond being the Joker’s girlfriend. Here are five times her style choices channeled all of us.

Showdown Dungarees

For the final showdown, Harley Quinn opted for gold diamond-print overalls. It’s the kind of post-breakup statement outfit we’ve all wished we had the guts to pull off.


The Micro Fringe

In 2018, we all braved a micro-fringe and discovered the importance of eyebrows. Harley gives herself a post-breakup haircut in an attempt to reinvent herself. And we’ve all been there.


DIY Feminist Jewelry

A lot of Harley’s outfits have an element of DIY. The necklace she wears in Birds of Prey is made up of broken bottle tops, random charms, and feminist symbols. We have one just like it on our box of things we will never wear but don’t have the heart to throw out.


DIY Everything

The outfits Harley wears have to be unique because there is no one else quite like her. As a result, she makes them herself. This fabulous tinsel jacket is Harley in a nutshell. It’s the statement piece we all crave during a phase of reinvention.


The Suit Up

Finally, before Harley gets anything done, she has to suit up. She does this not by slipping into iron armor, but by grabbing her red lipstick and styling her hair into her favorite do. She has her pre-going-out routine for maximum confidence – just like we do.