Retro Hairstyles are Super Trendy This Spring

Side parts. They will never go out of style.
Photo by Mathilde Langevin on Unsplash

After seeing red carpets and runway shows, one thing is apparent—retro hairstyles are super trendy. Nostalgia is in full swing and all over social media, we’re seeing tons of inspiration from past decades. Here are four you should give a try this spring.

Bubble Ponytails

We used to wear this hairstyle during our childhood and it’s super trendy once again. The best part about bubble ponytails is that they’re easy to recreate and you can add your own fun twist with colored elastics. All you need is some elastics and hairspray and you’re good to go.

Curtain Bangs

Everyone’s asking for this ’70s hairstyle that has bangs split down the middle and swept to each side. If you’re daring, you can cut your own at home.

Flipped Ends

Year after year this ’60s-inspired hairstyle comes in and out of style, but this spring it’s super trendy. Flipped ends look great on straight hair with ponytails or if your hair is down.

Side Parts

Side parts are coming for you Gen-Zers. They aren’t going out of fashion anytime soon, so stop trying to get us to wear middle parts!