Best Ways to Welcome the Regencycore Aesthetic Into Your Life

Regé-Jean Page and Phoebe Dynevor in "Bridgerton"

We can thank Bridgerton for reigniting our passion for period dramas and bringing a brand-new aesthetic into our lives. Regencycore is all the rage thanks to this hit Netflix series, and here’s how you can welcome it into your life.

Regencycore Fashion

The easiest way to embrace regencycore aesthetic is to recreate outfits of that era for modern times. Think corsets, long gloves, puff sleeves, elegant details, and gentle colors.

Extravagant Hairstyles

You can’t do a lot in terms of makeup to copy the look of your favorite Bridgerton characters because they rely on the natural glow, but hair is a completely different story. Regency-era hairstyles are pretty elaborate, and some classy accessories can help you get there.

Vintage Décor

If you want to go all-in with regencycore aesthetic, get ready to give your home a total makeover with vintage furniture, golden frames, and curtains and linens with classy prints.

Period Dramas

Bridgerton may have led to this rising trend, but it’s not the only work of fiction set in this era. Have a regencycore-inspired marathon, starting with adaptations of Jane Austen’s novels.