Pro Tip: How to Plate Beautifully

Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash

We can all agree that the flavor is the most important aspect of any meal, but we shouldn’t forget about the looks of the food we prepare. A dish that’s not appealing can take you away from the dining experience.

If you want your meals to look at least as good as they taste, just follow these tips we’re about to show you.

Use a simple plate

The plate is the foundation of your dish and it should let you show off each element of your meal. This cannot be achieved with a busy plate with complex patterns as such plates make it hard to concentrate on the main thing on it – your meal.

Number game is important

The meals in fancy restaurants seem so proportional and every single part of the dish seems like it’s in the right place. Well, that’s because great chefs think about the numbers. Try counting your food as plating up in uneven numbers is actually more appealing to the eye.

Keep it tidy

This is a very basic tip, but sometimes people forget about it. Keep your plate tidy and neat as it will improve the looks of your dish significantly.