Pinterest Predicts Leading Coachella Fashion Trends

Fairy dress
Fairy dress. Photo by Alice Alinari on Unsplash

Pinterest is one of the internet’s best sources of fashion inspiration, and people have been using it to put together their Coachella mood boards for years. Pinterest gathered together all the searches leading up to the 2024 festival season and singled out several leading  Coachella fashion trends.

Lana Del Rey Core

Lana Del Rey is one of the headliners at this year’s Coachella, and many festivalgoers will head to the desert wearing vintage styles, corsets, pearls, and coquette-themed outfits in honor of the iconic singer.

2014 Core

2014 may be a decade ago, but festival goers are still nostalgic about this time. Outfits that look straight out of 2014 will take this year’s festival by storm, so start digging for your old funky crochet pieces, hippie accessories, lacy pants, and gold choker necklace sets.

Fairycore Outfits

Dreamy, fairy-inspired looks will be having a moment at this year’s Coachella, with lace slip dresses, sugar plum fairy makeup, boho braids, and cottagecore nails emerging among the most popular searches in this category.

Dark Feminine Core

Dark feminine outfits will be all the rage at this year’s Coachella, so expect to see a lot of elegant corset dresses, leather pants and tube dresses, red wine nails, plus high-leather and biker boots.