Orange Lipstick is Totally a Thing

Photo by Tamara Bellis on Unsplash

When you think of lipstick colors, you probably think of reds and pinks and nudes. Not nearly enough people have or wear orange lipstick. But in fact, this is an incredibly flattering and fun color that everybody should give a shot.

First of all, orange lipstick is just fun! It’s bright and energetic and happy and adds a sense of playfulness to any look.

It’s also great at making your skin look brighter and your teeth look whiter, which none of us would say no to.

Not convinced? Check out some of these gorgeous orange lipstick looks.


With a more blotted lipstick, this makeup look incorporates warm, bronzy tones all around for a very autumn vibe.


In this makeup application, the makeup artist pairs an orange lipstick with a pop of orange eyeliner for a fresh, floral look.


If you wanna go all out glam, you can take inspiration from this 80s makeup look starring neons of all different shades.


This creamsicle shade of orange looks absolutely amazing on a deeper skin tone.

Convinced? It might just be time to drop by your local Sephora and pick up a new lippie.