Nikita Dragun’s New Face Palette Line

Nikita Dragun is a successful youtube and Instagram sensation that has recently created Dragun Beauty. You may have seen her in Bretman Rock’s (also an influencer) video where he vlogs about his daily life. This confident and sassy influencer created her brand with the idea of always looking your best at any given time possible.

She loves her products and the people she works with and only wants the best for them. If you’re a beauty influencer or an aspiring makeup artist, you definetly need to keep your eyes peeled for her new face pallete line. It’s shining, shimmering, and absolutely splendid.

Double Trouble

The great thing about this palette is that it has two of each and you won’t need to spend too much deciding which color to wear. The highlighters stand side by side of each other and the contours are right beside each other so you can mix and match as you please.

Looking Glam Fam

The best thing about the palette is that you won’t need to other makeup brands after this. Since the palette comes with almost everything that you need to unleash your inner beauty dragon, you won’t need to apply more makeup. This kit packs a punch and is also great for women on the go who need a quick touch up.