It’s Still Not Too Late to Celebrate Yoga Awareness Month

If you’re a passionate yogi who never misses a single class, you’re probably aware that September is Yoga Awareness Month. There are many ways to mark this joyous occasion, and we came up with best three you can pull off, depending where you are in your personal yoga journey.

First Class

If you still haven’t given yoga a try, but always wanted to – now’s the perfect time. Some of the studios in your area may even be offering free classes for beginners, so check out what they have in store and get ready to embark on an amazing new adventure.

New Pose

If you’re an already experienced yogi, use this month to challenge yourself in ways you haven’t before. If there are any poses that have been giving you trouble in the past, this is the best time to master them.

Yoga Retreat

If you simply live and breathe yoga, you might want to take things to a whole new level this September. Celebrate Yoga Awareness Month by going on a yoga retreat, or simply have a season somewhere in nature if you can’t afford one right now.