New Jersey Baker is Creating Amazing Optical Illusions in Cake Form

Cakes come in many shapes and forms, and it’s sometimes difficult to believe they’re actually real. The ones made by Luke Vincentini are a perfect example since they resemble everyday objects, and look so realistic you’ll have to look twice.

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Take out or fake out?? 🤪

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This New Jersey baker makes cakes shaped like all sorts of everyday objects – from Dorito bags and beer cans to fruits and egg boxes. You have to cut them open to realize they’re not what they seemed to be, since there’s nothing giving away their true nature at first.

Vincentini used to work at the popular New Jersey bakery Carlo’s when he got the idea for this project, which grew into his viral “Double Take” series of social media posts.

“Cakes and bakeries can be such fads, and I wanted to make something that people would see and just be like ‘What the hell?’ One day I was looking at a bag of Doritos and was like, ‘I can probably do that.’ And I did, and that’s how it all started,” he told Insider.

Young baker draws inspiration from everyday life, and tries to experiment with familiar objects to make his cakes more fun for his growing audience. His signature cakes can take hours to make, but it all depends on the size and the detail.