Never Splurge on These 3 Items

Photo by tamaki kato on Unsplash

Trends come and go faster than you realize, and sometimes, it’s really not a good idea to splurge on something you can wear only a couple of times before you replace it with a newer, trendier item.

Here are three items you should consider spending less of your money on. Save it for when it really counts!


There will always be new swimsuit models you like more than the ones you have, so treat yourself with one or two cheap ones every year and don’t be sorry when they get ruined by sun and water.

Trendy Accessories

You know how quickly you lose interest in accessories, so don’t spend too much on them.

Unusual Tops

Flare sleeves, off-shoulder, corset tops… Each month brings a new trend and you’ll likely only wear them for a few times.