Nayane Capistrano is the Queen of Viral Tsunami Cakes

Tsunami cakes are the latest viral food trend taking the internet by storm, and if we had to pick a single baker who put it on the map, it would be Nayane Capistrano. This Brazilian food artist spent an entire decade developing her signature dessert before it found worldwide fame.

Just like ultra-realistic cakes that gave us the “everything is cake” meme last year, tsunami cakes are one of those food trends that have to be seen to be believed. They are wrapped with an acetate sheet which is slowly pulled up, only to reveal liquid icing that pours all over the cake, transforming it into something even more extraordinary.

This trend became a true internet sensation after the video of Capistrano’s Sofia the First cake started circulating online, and went on to receive millions of views. It perfectly captured the magic of tsunami cakes and introduced us to Capistrano’s other creations.

Cakes inspired by cartoon characters seem to be the staple of her Instagram page. She used them to pay homage to our favorite Disney princesses and many other beloved animated characters. There are exceptions to this rule, and Capistrano sometimes makes cakes inspired by ordinary objects, but they don’t look any less amazing than her signature cartoon cakes.