Most Famous Spanish Foods Actually Come From Just One Region!

If you’ve ever been to Spain, you know there are some classic dishes that all the tourists know about like paella and tortilla, but there are others that you only find once you visit. More often than not, those Spanish delicacies you’re enjoying all come from the coastal northwest region called Galicia. If you haven’t heard about Galicia before, you can thank them for the following dishes they’ve given to the nation.


Empanadas in Spain are a bit different than the ones in South America, but history tells that it was Galicia who actually created this pastry treat. No matter the shape or size, empanadas are such delicious ways to eat meat, fish, and veggies, and all because of Galicia.

Pimientos de Padron

Most Spanish menus will have this dish on display, also called “padron peppers.” These are peppers that have been charred to perfection and seasoned with big flakey salt, which make them even more delicious. These peppers also hail from Galicia, from the town of Padron.


Pulpo, or octopus, is one of the most famous seafood dishes from Spain, and that is undoubtedly thanks to Galicia. Galicia has always been one of the biggest fishing ports in the world, so there’s no question how they learned to get the most juicy and succulent octopuses, cooked and served to perfection with Spanish paprika on top.