Find The Best Outfit To Wear On Your Next Flight

At the airport, you will see a lot of people dressed in many different ways. Some people opt for sweats, some for business attire, and some who could leave the plane and go straight to the club. But, if you’re on a flight, especially a long one, your outfit matters more than you think. If you’re struggling to pick the right one for your next trip, follow these tips.


The shoes you wear for your flight depends on how much you packed in your suitcase. The rule of thumb is to wear a bulkier pair of shoes so you have more room to pack, but try to pick something that is still functional.


The pants you choose for the flight should be comfortable, and not necessarily a pair you will wear the most often during the trip since you might be in them for a long time and they might get dirty.

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Go for a top that is also a little bulkier so you have more room in your suitcase for other clothes. Also, don’t forget to wrap a sweater or long sleeve shirt around your waist to wear on the plane since they are often very cold.